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The real joy of Dessay's performance and it's one of the best all-round operatic performances I've ever seen is that the singing is always a true extension of the characterisation.

Marie saves him from the soldiers, who demand that he must die, by explaining that he had saved her life when she nearly fell while mountain-climbing.

Few would rate Donizetti's Francophile comedy of army life and aristocratic bad manners as one of the greatest of operas. For the next eight years Donizetti wrote works for Rome and Milan as well as Naples, with mixed success.

Donizetti was a friendly and sincere man, supportive of fellow composers and other artists, and loyal to his long-time mentor Mayr. Only the dire women's chorus, unlike the men's, was out of step with the rest of the regiment, a minor quibble in an other wise bravura show.

They had three children, none of whom survived. Act 1 takes place on a mountain pass created out of old military maps sets by Chantal Thomasand Act 2 is in a strangely skewed version of a grand ancestral hall. Memories fade, but I can't recall Dame Joan Sutherland playing the part quite like that when Covent Garden last staged this opera.

The designer, Chantal Thomas, has a map of the Tyrol quite literally strewn across the stage, crumpled sections of it marking out mountainous peaks. Her wide-eyed attraction to Florez is touching and sincere. The resulting dazzle blinds you to any weaknesses.

Here Dessay is picked up and carried offstage, still singing, by the Hortensius of Donald Maxwell. Being French she can play with the dialogue, too, and when she is reflective she is vulnerable and touching. Nor take on so many domestic chores in a performance.

He then proceeds to send up the comic-opera genre with a frantic stream of visual gags. Loren Meeker and incisively conducted by Evan Rogister, the venture crackled with energy from the top of the Prelude to Act I. Free with your ticket. Drop them all into a production from Laurent Pelly that needs no special pleading on comedic grounds, and is by turns elegant, witty, and laugh-out-loud funny, and you've one of the happiest nights the Royal Opera has fielded since I don't know when.

If the plot has anything to say about the role of women in society -- how they constrain and clip themselves to conform to others' needs -- Pelly politely glosses over it in favor of a more screwball approach. In the end, French looked out of place.

I just hope we don't have to wait 40 years for the next one. It was the success of his fourth opera, Zoraide di Grenata, that caught the attention of Domenico Barbaia, the most important theater manager of his time.

Vocally, he's immaculate, with the nine top Cs of his big aria perfectly placed. Learn More Familiarizing Yourself with the Story Because of the foreign languages, classical music, and often complex plots, you will very likely enjoy the performance better if you spend a few minutes familiarizing yourself with the story and characters in advance.

The conductor begins orchestra rehearsals about a week and half before opening night. As for those Cs, which punch out of the melodic line like sudden gunfire, Florez aimed them almost perfectly, with full open voice, while the audience held its breath. Bruno Campanella's conducting too has some wayward moments, with some unconvincing changes of pace and insufficient precision.

She brings the same spirit of gameness and desperate good will to the task, but the strain shows.

Donizetti (La) Fille du Régiment

However, they tell him that she is about to leave with her aunt: Absent from the Royal Opera House sincewhen it launched the career of Pavarotti, still thin and unknown, The Daughter of the Regiment is an opera made for stars. Donizetti was reputed to have great facility and could compose very quickly.

Trio, Marie, Sulpice, Tonio: It was not untilwith the performances of Anna Bolena in Milan, that Donizetti achieved international fame. Rehearsals Most of the rehearsals are held in our rehearsal hall, and not the actual theatre. She is a slip of a woman, pretty and petite, but it's her vocal verve that impresses most, as well as her ability to act as brilliantly as any mime artiste.

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Dessay lathes her bel canto phrases lovingly and her top notes are rock solid, though her tone has a sandy, slightly unfocused quality in certain places. Act 2[ edit ] Marie has been living in the Marquise's castle for several months.

With excellent support from Felicity Palmer as Marie's long-lost relative La Marquise de Berkenfeld, and Alessandro Corbelli as the sergeant of Marie's regiment, it all adds up to an evening of sheer joy.

She quickly tells him that he must gain the approval of her "fathers": As she is almost reconciled to her fate, she hears martial music, and is joyously happy: A truly outstanding night at Covent Garden, the like of which we haven't seen in ages. Apr 24,  · Of all of the Metropolitan Opera's new productions this season, "La Fille du Régiment" ("The Daughter of the Regiment"), which opened Monday night.

Dec 14,  · As Marie, Donizetti’s daughter of the regiment, she was a winning, earthy presence, throwing herself gamely into the dauntingly physical production. From the moment she appears on stage as Marie, with her Pippi Longstocking haircut, slinging an iron across an ironing board, a metaphor for the years of sublimated sexual heat this "daughter" of the regiment has built up, Ms.

Dessay lights up the stage with enough energy and charisma to power the city of Paris for a year/5(). May 25,  · The Daughter of the Regiment, from the Vienna State opera, features some of the world's finest voices — both singing, and speaking! Soprano. Learn more about the performances for The Daughter of the Regiment at the Atlanta Opera.

La Fille du Régiment is only available with a Madcap physical comedy and impeccable coloratura come together for Natalie Dessay’s indelible portrayal of the feisty tomboy raised by a regiment of French soldiers. Juan Diego Flórez is the young Swiss villager who conquers her heart—and a slew of high Cs.

Daughter of the regiment dessay
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