Decline of muslims in the world

Equal members of the global community.

Christian Population Falls As Islam Becomes World’s Dominant Religion

The number of Arabic books was negligible. Adams, Islam and Modernism in Egypt, ; H. As a matter of fact, Islam gives the ultimate freedom because Quran forbids enslaving of the people, even the Rasool does not have the authority to subjugate people.

Chapter 70: Decline In The Muslim World

The States created the proper atmosphere for intellectual pursuits. There are million Arabs living in 22 countries, ruled by Arabs. Between and a gain of 3, Muslim adherents is projected to come through switching, mostly found in the Sub Saharan Africa 2. It illustrates the fear that some of us feel when we see that the man boarding the flight ahead of us is wearing a shalwar kameez.

Fatalism flourishes in darkness and there was enough of it to spare in the Dark Age of Islam. To make matters worse, the Palestinians have been asked to recommence negotiations with the Israelis without insisting on a freeze on settlement activity.

To the Safawids belongs the credit of making Persia a nation once again. The vacuum left by rulers on religious front was filled by Mullah. Hence the Rajputs, the Satnamis, the Bundels, the Sikhs, and the Jats of Mathura revolted against Aurangzib and kept him busy till his end.

No one can deny the relevance of Hadith, provided its authenticity is guaranteed by unimpeachable evidence and criteria of sound historical criticism. From the jungles of Sulawesi to the deserts of Libya, Muslims are killing Muslims at a rate that dwarfs the more highly publicized conflict with the West.

Globally, Muslims have the highest fertility rate of any religious group — an average of 2. Most of our energy has gone into isolating, not engaging, the Islamic world.

Like Nadir Shah he took away everything he could lay his hands on, leaving the country destitute. But it failed miserably and, on the charge of engineering the revolt, the last Mughul ruler was exiled by the British to Rangoon where he died in extreme penury.

But we no longer associate Islam with progress. The rise of the Safawid dynasty marks the restoration of the Persian Empire and the re-creation of Persian nationality. The result of this tyrannous system was that Indonesia was often visited by widespread famines which took a heavy toll of human and animal life.

And once rot sets in, it is very difficult to check it. During this period, the Turks made several attempts to reform the army and the administration of the Ottoman Empire.

We accept fewer refugees.

The Future of World Religions: Population Growth Projections, 2010-2050

No point in discussing the past, look forward, towards ultimate goal. Majority of us do not even react with our tongues, leave alone the constructive action. Therefore, those madarsas that produce Mullas should be curtailed and gradually abolished, so that further divisions in the nation can be eliminated.

The Janissaries were a useful instrument in the hands of strong Sultans, but in the times of degenerate Sultans they became a kind of Praetorian Guard, dictating the deposition of Sultans and the nomination of their successors. It not only led the foreign Christian powers to foment troubles on the plea that discrimination was practiced against the Christians but it also made the Christian subjects look to anti-Ottoman powers for help and survival.

If the strength of a nation is to be measured in terms of the awareness of a challenge and its acceptance, it can be said that during the second decline, the Muslim nations all over the world excelled one another in their lack of understanding of the Western challenge.

As in India the English took advantage of the mutual quarrels of the rajahs of the Deccan and Karnatak, so did the Portuguese and the Spaniards exploit the dissensions of the ruling chiefs of Indonesia.

Despite their agreement on their respective sphere of influence in the island of Malacca, the Portuguese and the Spaniards could not desist from waging war against each other. Broadly speaking, the reasons are either political or non-political; hence our discussion of them has been divided into two parts-the first dealing with political causes, and the second with the non-political ones.

As a result, European partnerships were able to expand over time, allowing more ambitious, better-financed ventures. The result can be well imagined. In a speech just days before the Paris attacks, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi pleaded for an end to this self-destruction: As individuals regress or get fixated under the stress of life, so do nations.

The bare fact that an officer was enormously rich was a sufficient proof of his being dishonest and corrupt, and, therefore, a sufficient ground for his being exposed to condemnation.

Asia[ edit ] Islam is currently the largest religion in Asia. Little did they realize that in an age of technology and science their old weapons would prove worse than useless.

Christians remain world’s largest religious group, but they are declining in Europe

Islam and the World: The Rise and Decline of the Muslims and Its Effect on Mankind [Sayyed Abul Hasan Nadwi] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Timeless and judicious, originally written in Arabic, it examines the role Islam played in history and its impact on human progress and the loss that humanity suffered by its decline.5/5(1). Muslim population growth refers to the topic of population growth of Muslims worldwide.

Incountries with a Muslim majority had an average population growth rate of % per year (when weighted by percentage Muslim and population size). This compares with a world population growth rate of % per year.

As ofit was predicted that the world's Muslim population will grow twice as. And when Muslims immigrate to America and European countries, statistics show that they quickly fall into the low fertility patterns common to the Western world. Historically, Goldman says, there are two possible responses to such a looming crisis of civilization.

Islam and the World: The Rise and Decline of the Muslims and Its Effect on Mankind [Sayyed Abul Hasan Nadwi] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Timeless and judicious, originally written in Arabic, it examines the role Islam played in history and its impact on human progress and the loss that humanity suffered by its schmidt-grafikdesign.coms: 1.

Our Decline and Its Causes

Oct 02,  · The number of Muslims will nearly equal the number of Christians around the world. Atheists, agnostics and other people who do not affiliate with any religion – though increasing in countries such as the United States and France – will make up a declining share of the world’s total population.

The world’s Christian population is continuing to decline even as the world’s Islamic population continues to rise. For the first time in history, Islam will overtake Christianity and become the world’s largest religion later this century.

The number of Muslims on the planet will exceed the.

Decline of muslims in the world
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Muslim Decline & Future Prospect