Decree of the minister of mines

Ministry of Mines (India)

Article 12 Obligations of the Operational Supervisor The operational supervisor shall: Explosive Ingredients means the standard materials which when mixed with certain materials become primer sensitive explosives.

Main fan means a fan that controls the entire airflow of a mine. The duties of the Office of the Vice-Minister of Mines are the following: Mine Worker means any person who works directly at the mining operation. Spill anchor means a chain anchor attached to the middle of the dredge.

Supporting the Minister in order to coordinate the application of sector policies by affiliated and attached entities of the mining sector. Port and starboard line means the mooring line attached to the left and right sides respectively of the dredge to moor the dredge.

Workshop means any place or workroom used to carry out repairs, maintenance, manufacturing, installation or testing of mining equipment and other technical work that supports mining activities.

Mine means the location of any mining activity carried out in order to extract minerals. Mine Worker means any person who works directly at the mining operation. Ballast tanks means a compartment that can be filled with water to maintain the balance of the dredge.

ministry of mines and energy

High voltage electricity shall mean an installation with more than volts under normal work conditions volts in the underground circuit.

In rush is the sudden and high speed flow of water or mud. Bore hole means any hole drilled for the purpose of tapping firedamp and draining it through firedamp drainage system. Blaster Trainee means any person approved by the Technical Mine Manager to undergo blasting operations training under the close personal supervision of a blaster.

Decree of The Minister of Mines and Energy of Republic of Indonesia Number 555 /1995

Current tripping device is a device whose function is to cut off electrical currents including any automatic or manual switches. And not least, para 3. Main intake airway means the main airway of incoming fresh air beginning at a shaft or outlet.

Inside the public sector, she served as the Vice-President of Promotion and Support in the National Mining Agency, from where she led the structuring and execution of the promotion strategy of the mining sector, as well as supporting both small and medium size mining activities.

However the Constitution circumscribes this power, by giving Parliament the power under S. Hydraulic Mine is one type of surface mine that uses water to dig and transport materials to the washing installation.

Powered support means a support that works using hydraulic power or pneumatic power. Automatic Fire Damp Detector AFD means an approved device to continually detect the presence of firedamp and to give a visual or audible alarm at a preset level. Armoured Flexible Conveyor AFC means conveyor equipment using a flexible chain to convey coal from a working face when using a drum sheerer.

In an effort to refine and complement legislative regulations in mining, the Decree of the Minister of Mines and Energy No. K/26/ was published on. Vice-Minister of Mines Carlos Andrés Cante Puentes is the current Vice-Minister of Mines and he will focus on working to strengthening the mining sector, giving importance to the consolidation of projects that will be of regional benefit and which will continue boosting economic growth and.

“A decree from the prime minister will be able to do it very soon,” Minister Martin Kabwelulu said by email on Friday. Congo’s mines were responsible for two-thirds of the world’s. Missions Pursuant to Presidential Decree No. / of 1 Octoberthe Ministry of Mines, Industry and Technological Development is headed by a Minister.

The Ministry of Mines, Industry and Technological Development is in charge of the elaboration and implementation of the Government’s mining and industrial policy and technological. (Bloomberg) -- Guinea’s President Alpha Conde appointed a new member cabinet in which Abdoulaye Magassouba was retained as mines and geology minister, according to a decree read on the West African country’s state-owned broadcaster on Saturday.

Decree of The Minister of Mines and Energy of Republic of Indonesia Number 555 /1995

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Decree of the minister of mines
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