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I was born on April 22,which makes me 60 years old the 22nd of this month.

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What would you feel was the key to your success as a principal. In this webtext, Hewett and Ehmann Powers contend argue that, like students, educators need acculturative and supportive training in online writing instruction OWI.

At parent-teacher meetings we often had small group sessions with parents involving them in making them aware of the curriculum, seeking some input at each grade level. I think that it is important to insist on good student behavior and courtesy. They had noticed some of our accomplishments and were aware of what we were doing, so I don't think that hurt my being offered the opportunity to go into the elementary principalship.

Principals need to be sensitive to others' needs and, if you are genuinely interested in your faculty as individuals, other than as employees, you'll have an opportunity to share and not have situations where they're going to have grievances. As you view it, what characteristics are associated with the most effective schools and what features characterize less successful ones.

My responsibility was to create a climate for learning, assist teachers with classroom management, and to involve the teachers as much as possible in the decision-making process.

Any student who is continually a distraction to the learning environment may be administratively dropped. Information Sessions To better understand the format of the program and learn about the career in general, plan to attend an information session.

It certainly was the case for me. What is a practicum or field experience. Students with lower Accuplacer scores withdrew from online courses in greater numbers, and students with higher Accuplacer scores withdrew from face-to-face courses in higher numbers.

Standardized testing was primarily state-directed at grades four, seven, and eleven and there was limited use of the results by the school at the central level, and there was no media coverage or comparison of schools and comparison of what school divisions were doing.

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Every child had an opportunity to spend at least a half-day with a male teacher and a half-day with a female teacher. The intent of these activities is to allow you to experience instructional methods. The school board was interested in the VO AG program.

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Teachers need to be able to answer the child's question, Why are we doing this. Additional information can be found at: At the same time, they point to the challenges of access for many students, including those who are English language learners, economically disadvantaged, or physically disabled.

Search for an upcoming course Note on Start Date searches: Rhetoric, Technology, and Pedagogy, vol. As you can see, simple norms of courtesy should be sufficient to have our class run in the best interests of all. What if any will be the ramifications of elected school boards.

Interviews with students corroborated these findings; students seemed to appreciate the opportunity to communicate with and receive feedback from their peers on Facebook. Violations of copyright law could subject you to federal and state civil penalties and criminal liability as well as disciplinary action under University policies.

You will be continually challenged and be learning something new every day. The make-up will apply to the religious holiday absence only. Classroom Conduct Students have a responsibility to conduct themselves in class a nd in the libraries in ways that do not interfere with the rights of other students to learn or of instructors to teach.

WebCampus Deadlines. You will complete quizzes in WebCampus and you will hand in assignments and homeworks in WebCampus. Therefore, it is important for you to know how deadlines work in WebCampus. When you are working on an ASSESSMENT, it is possible for you to quit in the middle, and then come back later to finish it.

CLASSROOM: CEB DAY & TIME: Minimum of completed hours field experience COURSE DESCRIPTION & PURPOSE CIE is designed for students entering the Elementary Alternative Route to Licensure program.

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This course examines contemporary trends for developing classroom expertise with observations in an elementary classroom.

This learning object lets students explore medical scenarios inside a virtual hospital.

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Each scenario presents a 3D model patient with various ailments inside a room that may also contain pertinent clues. 4. Administrative drops/Classroom conduct You are required to be familiar with university policies and procedures in the current UNLV Undergraduate Catalog.

Importantly, we follow the policies on Cheating, Plagiarism, and Academic Dishonesty that are stated in the most recent UNLV Undergraduate Catalog. UNLV Writing Center – One-on-one or small group assistance with writing is available free of charge to UNLV students at the Writing Center, located in CDC-

PARALEGAL CERTIFICATE PROGRAM The issues surrounding the online classroom webcampus at unlv
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